Popular casino games in India 

Online casino games in India are famous for their high RTP.
Popular casino games in India 

Playing casino games online can be wonderful entertainment, stress relief and fun, and this is exactly how it should be approached at all times. Nevertheless, it is always good to know how profitable the various casino games can be.

Online casino games in india are famous for their high RTPs (Return-To-Player ratios), and in this article we will list the most profitable casino games indiacasino ordered by their profitability.

Blackjack: 99.5%
It’s not a coincidence that the MIT Blackjack Team's game of choice was blackjack. Blackjack is one of the only casino games where your success will be based on the choices you make within the game, and the MIT Blackjack Team used this fact to their success.

Therefore, if you have developed your blackjack skills and strategies to a point where you are able to play each round to perfection, combining your expertise with the low house edge of 0.5% will make blackjack the most profitable casino game for you.

Slots: 94% - 99%
Well, it is specifically online slots that reach such RTP levels; land-based slot machines typically have return ratios of around 90-94%. Then, the actual online slot RTP will depend on which particular slot game is played.

Jackpot slot games usually have lower RTPs due to the huge jackpots that can be won in them. The most famous jackpot slot of all time is Mega Moolah. It has a RTP of 88.12%, but at the same time this is the same game that has paid out the biggest slot jackpot in history of CAD 2,00,59,287.20.

Some of the slots with the highest RTP are Blood Suckers - 98%, Ugga Bugga by Playtech - 99.07%, and 1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick - 98.6%.

Roulette: 98.65%
Roulette games are also a great choice as they are great fun, offer tons of betting options and have a low house edge reaching 1.35%.

French Roulette is the type that has the 98.65% RTP due its En Prison and La Partage rules which allow players to lose only half of their stakes if zero comes up on the roulette wheel.

What makes French Roulette even more interesting, however, are the complex bet types or “call bets” Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelin, which do not alter the house edge, but spice things up.

Next comes the European Roulette, or the “regular” roulette you will most commonly find in online casinos, with a RTP of 97.5%.

American Roulette has two Zero pockets, which brings the RTP down to 94.7%, but this version won’t be seen too much in online casinos in india.

Baccarat: 98.5%
James Bond’s favorite casino game is actually a quite easy one to play: you can bet on Player, Banker, or Tie. The goal is to hit the value of 9 or come as close as possible to it with a hand of two or three cards.

The most popular baccarat versions are Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco. The main differences between the variants are in the number of decks used, which can be between 3 and 8, the applied terminology, and the way of changing the banker, but the rules that determine which hand is the winner are the same across all versions.

Choosing what game to play at an online casino should be based on the amount of fun you expect to get out of your gaming session or even on your mood. Still, responsible planning of your gaming time and the resources you can afford to lose while entertaining yourself will be facilitated by some sound knowledge on game RTPs and potential profitability.

Then you can make an informed decision whether you want to embrace the sportive spirit and try to beat the house in blackjack, carefully honing up your skill over time, or enjoy prolonged gaming sessions against low house edges, or even try to jump high with a huge jackpot slot win.