historical wins and losses of players

We have collected for you the stories of the most incredible games!

Gambling stories - historical wins and losses of players

Gambling stories - historical wins and losses of players


The world of gambling is a constant victory and defeat, ups and downs, and complex relationships with fortune and luck.


In the entire history of the existence of online casinos, the most entertaining and incredible cases have happened to gamblers. Sometimes it seemed that fortune was very close, but then it slipped out of their hands. 

Sometimes, on the contrary, it appeared where it was not expected. We have collected for you the stories of the most incredible games!

Quick luck!

A British soldier named John Heywood once won £13.21 million at the casino by betting just £30 on the Mega Moolah slot machine in just seven minutes. This man got into the Guinness Book of Records. Interestingly, 25 minutes have passed since his registration on the site. 

Random win in an unexpected place!

The guy from Los Angeles, who wished to remain anonymous, flew to Las Vegas to cheer for his favorite basketball team and stayed at the Excalibur Hotel. 

He went to the casino at the hotel and began to put coins into the machine until he saw the word jackpot. Having spent no more than a hundred dollars, he received almost forty million! 

Birthday gift!

A waitress named Cynthia Jay accidentally gave herself a thirty-five million gift for her mother-in-law's birthday! The girl celebrated this day with her family and decided to try her luck in slot machines. 

She hit the jackpot on her ninth try at the Megabucks machine. She invested only twenty-seven dollars in the game. It was at the Monte Carlo Casino & Resorts. 

Lost everything in the casino!

There are other famous players in this world - those who lost their last money in the casino. One of those legendary people is Mr. Kerry Parker. This man has earned a fortune thanks to his talents in the IT industry and the business established in this area. 

Kerry devoted his spare time to gambling - his best friends were roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. 

Of course, sometimes luck indulged him with impressive winnings, but in general, the man left more than twenty million dollars in the casino. Remarkably, he owned the gambling establishment named Crown, which is well-known among gambling fans. 

Be part of the big win!

Do you want to be on the list of those lucky ones (we don't mean Mr. Parker from the last paragraph)? It's not that difficult! Join the millions of players who play in online casinos like https://india24bet.io/ and get richer every day. 

At a time when the world is rapidly moving online, the future is for bitcoin casinos because they are absolutely safe, and you can play from anywhere in the world at any time convenient for you. And it is you who can lead the list of players in a cryptocurrency casino who will get the biggest jackpot!


During the game, use the following simple rules:

  • trust your intuition, look for signs and clues around you;
  • play only at licensed online casinos
  • be sure to use all the bonuses that the cryptocurrency casino offers you
  • before playing for real money, test your favorite slots in the game with virtual money and choose the one that suits you the most 

Hollywood stars and gamble!

It's no secret that Hollywood actors love gambling. For example, Bruce Willis, a fan of baccarat and craps, can allocate about one hundred thousand dollars for one game. The actor often wins large sums of money. 

Ben Affleck also often visits a casino, and the actor shows the best results in poker and blackjack. He has won major poker championships several times. Charlie Sheen loves to bet on sports. True, in his history, there have been more losses than wins, but he treats this process as a hobby.