Online Gambling Frequency Revealed


In a digital age where entertainment is continually reshaped by technology, online gambling has emerged as a prominent and rapidly evolving phenomenon.

In India, despite the growing accessibility of information and services ensured by the internet, the intricacies of consumer behaviour within the online gambling sphere have largely remained unexplored.

To fill this gap, the research team at SevenJackpots, aided by Ken Research, have recently conducted an online survey in 11 major states, aiming to shed light on the preferences, habits, and dynamics of Indian online gamblers.

Two Thirds of Indian Players Gamble at Least Once per Month

When it comes to the frequency of online gambling in India, the survey data presents a well-defined split between regular and occasional gamblers.

While 33.7% of respondents admit to gambling on the internet only a few times a year, the remaining 66.3% of players engage in online gambling at least once or twice per month, including a substantial 40.3% who participate on a weekly basis.

Among these weekly gamblers, 8.3% gamble once a week, the majority of 25.6% indulge two or more times, and 6.4% have said they gamble online on a daily basis.

The researchers at SevenJackpot attribute the observed differences in player behavior in terms of engagement frequency mainly to the varied nature of the types of iGaming the players indulge in.

"While online casino games are constantly available, sports betting ebbs and flows with tournaments, events, and leagues, resulting in a much more scattered player behavior among players who mainly focus on a few sporting events a year," the researchers write.

More Than Half Spend 6+ Hours Gambling Every Week

Looking in greater detail into the observed time commitment patterns, 47.9% of respondents allocate a maximum of five hours per week to gambling, treating it predominantly as a pastime activity.

However, the majority of surveyed players - a little bit exceeding the 52% mark, invest in excess of six hours weekly, with 22.7% still limiting their online gambling activities to under 10 hours, 20.1% dedicating between 11 and 20 hours, and 9.4% playing for more than 20 hours every week.

While observing that desi players as a whole commit a lot of time to online gambling, the SevenJackpots researchers also point to recent global statistics showing that Indians on average spend 4 hours and 5 minutes every day on their smartphones. This is 22 minutes more than the global average and adds up to more than 28 hours per week.

Older Players Tend to Play More Regularly and for More Time

The survey findings show that age significantly influences the time devoted to gambling, with elder gamblers consistently playing more often and for more time across all examined states compared to younger groups. In most states, players aged 36-44 engage at least 2 times a week and spend 11+ hours gambling.

This suggests that older generations, less engrossed in social media and mobile online entertainment, display a greater tendency to channel their leisure time into gambling. Their greater overall financial stability may also contribute to their prolonged gambling sessions.


The survey by SevenJackpots provides a comprehensive view of consumer behavior within the online gambling landscape of India. The study results underscore the general acceptance of online gambling as a form of entertainment among Indian citizens.

Moreover, the survey highlights the thriving nature of gambling, even in states where it is officially prohibited. This phenomenon suggests that regulatory measures, rather than bans, might be the path forward, offering player protection, licensing standards, and responsible gambling initiatives.