Mediawire And M360: A Winning Combination

Mediawire And M360: A Winning Combination

Over the years the Times Group has concocted some cutting-edge technologies to make lives easier for clients. It goes without saying that the only constant in the world is change, and to run par with changing times, we design advantageous programs for your growing business. The intent is to make a client stand tall among others in this rapidly growing world.

Consider the union of two promising Times Group conscripted platforms, Mediawire and M360. Mediawire is a self-publishing digital PR platform that offers a supply of accessories to optimize your press release. It is a perfect mechanism which delivers to your expectations. On the other hand, M360 is a smart publisher platform to create fascinating content for multiple platforms. M360 provides convenience by issuing all things under one login, contributing to less tags on the pages. Publishers thus secure a rapid and active web portals and applications. This comes with an authorization over content formulation, monetization, and other page content components.

Wondering how a partnership between the two would add value to your communication? Mediawire and M360 will help your press release gain gravitation beyond the traditional estimate. The efficacy of this alliance will help you obtain your ROI. All routes, from creation to distribution, are managed with supreme consistency and scrupulous outlining. 

Let us dive deeper into the various unequalled elements linked to this partnership that can help a business –

Committed Content Writing Team: Mediawire has a committed editorial team to assist you in setting up press releases befitting to your marketing/communication objective.

Maximising Coverage: Ensured reportage on affiliated news portals of your choice. Story will be included in the most ideal section to increase impression.

SEO Management: All articles published through Mediawire will be SEO optimised. This insures top spots for your articles on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Accurate Targeting: Mediawire enables detailed specific geo-targeting of articles for perfect reach.

Increased Shelf-Life: Once circulated through Mediawire, the article link does not succumb to an expiry date, and can be used at a later time, hence ensuring sustainability.

Facilitating Multimedia Format: One can incorporate audio, video, animated images, social media embeds, hyperlinks. Lead generation forms can be inculcated in articles as well. This adds elegance to the overall outlook of the article.

Quantifiable Impact: Mediawire provides statistics that display important trends that an article has achieved at a given point.

Every brand needs an active communication strategy that adds to their reputation and the Times Group has just the plan for your brand’s progress!

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