Future careers 2021: Sales and Marketing Communication

 Did you know that when a company's marketing communication is aligned, they can generate 209 per cent more value from content?
Future careers 2021: Sales and Marketing Communication

New Delhi [India]: Did you know that when a company's marketing communication is aligned, they can generate 209 per cent more value from content?

In the digital age, when micro-targeting and retargeting is very much the need of the day, this is huge. This means that used correctly, sales and marketing communication (SMC) can change how companies and consumers connect.

In fact, studies show that unified communication helps an organization close deals by 67 per cent. This means that SMC can change the fortunes of a company.

The 101 of Sales and Marketing Communication

If you are in or interested in marketing, product management, sales, advertising, PR, brand management, branding, C-suite roles, or even owning your own business - then sales and marketing communication is set to be a big part of your professional life.

With the digital marketing landscape rapidly evolving, brands need ingenious ways of breaking through the clutter and standing out from the crowd. Firms are increasingly headhunting professionals with a strategic, insightful and disciplined approach to marketing who can do the following:

* Evaluate and assess evolving market dynamics

* Effectively align strategic marketing, sales and communication initiatives with the overall business strategy

* Offer considered suggestions for branding and omnichannel marketing along with their business impact

* Explore and set frameworks and tools needed to enhance decision-making capabilities

* Develop and lead effective sales and marketing teams

* Use various techniques to implement sales, marketing and communication activities despite challenges and regional nuances

Any gaps in communication between sales and marketing or with the consumer lead to broken processes, inconsistent metrics, and impact bottom lines.

* 16 per cent better commercial outcomes can be expected with personalised messaging to customers

* 70 per cent of marketers are actively investing in content marketing

* Poor alignment can cost B2B companies 10 per cent or more in annual revenue

How do you get into sales and Marketing Communication?

You can easily develop the dynamic skills needed for this field with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sales and Marketing Communication, awarded by MICA (formerly known as Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad) Research, and EruditusExecutive Education.

Through this nine-month programme, you will gain fundamental knowledge, skills and frameworks needed to manage effective and integrated sales and marketing communication strategies. You will learn to strategically think of marketing challenges as well as ways of connecting and influencing customers through digital and traditional channels.

You will gain an end-to-end understanding of key concepts in strategic marketing, sales, and communication, including the fundamentals and marketing interventions leading to digital transformations in marketing functions.

Making world-class education accessible: Eruditus

Upskilling is now imperative for career progression, and professionals are taking to programmes like never before. Eruditus offers courses in partnership with the world's top universities with an immersive, cohort-based approach. Unlike 'open learning' that has single-digit completion rates, Eruditus helps learners stick to their course - with deadlines, everyone is part of the same course, fostering camaraderie and purpose.

With courses from globally renowned names such as MIT Sloan, Columbia, Berkeley, and Dartmouth as well as highly regarded institutions such as the IITs, IIMs, and ISB at home, Eruditus is redefining the role that online pedagogy can play for learners. Up to two-thirds of students make a career change one year after completing their Eruditus program.

Whether you are a mid-career or starting out, crafting a future-proof career is entirely within your reach. Take a leap online and get started on a whole new professional journey.

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