What is the course fee for Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Course

Cloud Computing is a widely known and sought-after branch of Engineering and Computer Science. This field deals with storing and processing data on the online server. It's also known as the technology of utilizing the internet to compute all the resources. These resources are network capabilities, application tools, data storage, servers, etc.

In the past several years, the internet has progressed a lot. For such reasons, virtually downloading and owning technology and software is replaced by subscribing and renting services. Businesses have already embraced cloud computing to optimize resources and reduce maintenance costs.

But when building a career in this field, it becomes necessary to opt for the cloud computing course. These courses will cover all basic tenets of cloud provider selection, autoscaling, performance testing, and database management. The cloud computing courses in Mumbai will delve into the specifics of multi-cloud deployment, application migration, and disaster recovery.

What is the course fee for Cloud Computing?

The average cloud computing fees are above INR 10,000 for platforms such as Coursera and Udemy. But when it comes to Certification or Postgraduate Programs from institutes like IIT, the course fee is about INR 2,00,000.

The Post Graduate Degree in Cloud Computing offered by Caltech CTME in collaboration with Simplilearn is INR 2,34,999. Also, if you cannot pay the fees in full, you can opt for various financing options. This will make it more manageable for you to pay the fees on time.

What are the subjects of a Cloud Computing course?

The subjects of a cloud computing course might vary greatly because it depends heavily on the institution that provides it. Under this section, you will learn about the core subjects of this course:

  • Standard of Cloud and Ethics
  • Cloud Computing Securitisation
  • Virtualisation Concepts
  • Private Cloud Environment
  • Cloud as SAAS, PAAS
  • Cloud Fundamentals,
  • Auto-Provisioning
  • Public Cloud Environment

You can easily gain more information about cloud computing certification and its subjects from this video

: https://www.youtube.com/embed/RWgW-CgdIk0.

Important skill sets of Cloud Computing

Even though it's to learn and understand the cloud computing basics, you also need to learn about the skills. Some of the most crucial skills which are needed in this field are:

  • DevOps
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Information Security
  • Programming Skills
  • Systems Automation
  • Software Development
  • Linux
  • Storage
  • Many more

To create a career in this field, you need to have a keen interest in all the subjects of cloud computing. You must also carry experience and in-depth knowledge to carry out your expertise efficiently whenever it's needed.

Future scope of Cloud Computing

On certain occasions, people are lured by all the fancy certifications and degrees. These turn out to be disappointments within the job market. But the cloud computing course is different from those degrees. The scope of this field is increasing with each day passing. There is a high demand for cloud computing experts in the ever-expansive IT sector.

When the business expands, the need for upscaling and automation will be much higher. Some of the reputed firms in India are looking for interventionists to lead their cloud supplies. But "why exactly does cloud computing have such a marvelous possibility?" Here are some of the reasons behind it:

  • Cloud computing's global data retrieval option has become a necessity. Its on-demand solutions for IT-based companies are in need of a regulator. This regulator must possess the skills to handle all types of tasks.
  • The need for IT professionals has increased greatly. The demand will keep on increasing. But when you have a cloud computing certification, it will make you stand out among the crowd.
  • The professional expertise you gain from the program is valuable for all hiring enterprises.
  • The market of Cloud Computing will surge by 30% within the next 10 years. The demand for all the cloud experts will exceed the supply.
  • A degree in this field will not just prepare you for a diverse range of opportunities. But it will also teach you about the knows-hows.

Upcoming trends in Cloud Computing

All those technologies that dominate today's market didn't exist a decade ago. That's why you are excited about the things that are coming in the future. New trends emerge daily, but you must keep up with all the changes. But experts say that Cloud Computing will certainly drive the changing landscape.

They have also included that the future is completely software-based. There is also a high possibility that the dependence on the Cloud platform might be replaced. Cloud-based Rendering and Cloud Computed Games are the two developments worth keeping tabs on.

Job roles in Cloud Computing

There are countless job roles available in the Cloud Computing field. No matter which job role you opt for, you will certainly get a high cloud computing salary. So, what are these job roles? Let's find out:

  • Cloud Engineer: Conduct all the technical trials, maintain and design technical duties and plan tasks
  • Cloud Service Developer: Document integration solutions, develop the processes and workflow, maintain and monitor the cloud, and design customer-facing tools.
  • Consultant: Oversee the usage of cloud computing services, evaluate business needs, and conduct technical studies.
  • Cloud Architect: Implement and develop cloud-based initiatives, and ensure the security and reliability of the systems to obtain business objectives.
  • Cloud Security Analyst: Estimate the risks and protect the cloud data, test security management tools, and manage the aspects of cloud security.
  • Cloud Marketing: Display advertisement, plan out social media, grow and network with the professionals, and create an outsource cloud base.
  • Automation Engineer: Records outcomes, install automation testing protocols, offer management support with coding and scripting, and conduct software delivery operations.


The cloud computing field has gained a lot of popularity. Many individuals aim to build a career as a cloud computing expert. But you can only become an expert in this field after you learn and understand what Cloud Computing is.

To do so, you can take up some of the best cloud computing courses to teach you the basics of this field. You will develop skills that are compulsory in today's job market.